Sunday School
Postponed at this time.
Led by Amy Stevenson

One of the mandates of Faith Tabernacle is to help build a strong biblical foundation. We have fun interactive classes for all ages! Using the 'Answers Bible Curriculum' we take a chronological journey together through to Bible. The whole family will enjoy sharing about what they learned and the unique perspective that their class took on the same account of scripture. Snacks, crafts and songs for the littles and great multimedia resources for the older classes! 

'Lifeboat SQUAD' Children's Ministry
Postponed at this time. Ages 4-8
Led by Mitzi Hall

Lifeboat SQUAD is takes place during our morning service at 11:15. Each Sunday your children will be taught biblical truths in a fun and exciting way. At Faith we want to see our children not just know about God, but to have a relationship with Him. During service there will be an announcement made on screen for when it is time for parents to sign in their children for class.

The Remnant Youth
Postponed at this time. Ages 13-18
Led by Jason and Shelby Elliott

At The Remnant we believe every youth is significant and God has a specific purpose for their lives. We desire the youth to not just know the Bible, but develop a relationship with God. Building a lasting faith in the youth is our key goal. We chose the name, the Remnant, in reference to Elijah in 1 Kings 18. When everyone had turned away from God, Elijah remained faithful. We are committed to raising up a generation of youth who will always continue to follow God.

Postponed until September
Led by David Ellyatt

Keenagers is our mid-week Adult Bible study who meet on Wednesdays from 1:30-3. They enjoy a time of worship together singing hymns and other worship songs. There is also a deep conversation based off of Scripture. The Keenagers are a fun-loving group and look to grow closer together as they grow closer to God.

The Beacon Junior Youth
Postponed at this time. Ages 8-13
Led by Mark and Mitzi Hall

'The Beacon' wants to make a positive impact in the lives of young people ages 8-13 years. This is a transition period in which they no longer fit into 'children's ministry', aren't old enough for ‘youth ministry’. They want to fit into the church family and be used by God too. 'The Beacon' allows our Jr. Youth to spend time together mid-week to learn and grow individually & together. We provide a safe place for them to be themselves and explore who God made them to be.

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